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For retail locations and gyms, Gogonuts offers a comprehensive range of high-quality products that cater to the needs of fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike. Our wholesale solutions are designed to keep your stock full with the best protein products, enabling you to cater to your customers' demands while enjoying the price benefits of bulk buying.

  • Lowest price
  • Higher MOQ
  • Higher minimum free shipping


  • Increase revenue
  • Free samples for new products
  • Premium product selections for members



To qualify for wholesale purchases, you must be a valid retail business, and by agreeing to our terms and conditions you certify that you are such. You are only authorized to sell through the retail store that you have listed. Secondary stores, as well as website and online sales, must receive prior written approval.

Minimum order: $500CAD

To request a price list, please send us an email at wholesale@gogonuts.shop.

To apply, please fill out our online form via this link.

We review application as quickly as possible and will respond within 15 business days. Please note, completion of the application does not guarantee your business will become a certified wholesaler.

Applications to sell Gogonuts product on a digital marketplace such as Amazon or eBay will not be considered. 

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