Gogonuts is a Taiwanese brand of fitness supplements that originally started as a nut manufacturer. Over the past 60 years, the company has successfully transformed into a brand that focuses on providing nutritional supplements to the general population - specifically focusing on boba protein powders.

Nowadays, foods are often disproportionately high in unnecessary carbohydrates and fats, while lacking in quality and essential protein. Gogonuts strives to fill this gap with more affordable options, without compromising the taste and pleasure that food brings.

With the rise of health and fitness awareness, the demand for protein-related products is also increasing, but Gogonuts differs from other brands in providing unique, Asian-inspired flavors not commonly found outside of Asia. Milk Tea, Matcha, Thai Milk Tea, and Taro Ube are just a few of the delicious flavors available. As well, Sesame Latte and Red Bean Milk use elements sourced from renowned regions in Taiwan.

Our ultimate goal is to change your lifestyle for the better, through our delicious products. Our protein powders will transform your protein experience!

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